New restaurant chain in London

Cherry On

About Us

We are a small restaurant with a big heart and vision – we stand by our values of giving you the best experience and therefore customer service is paramount.

It’s a place to go for a stylish date, a good meal, or just to meet up with friends.

Cherry On

Childhood memories

How we came up with the idea

One of the most memorable summer afternoons of our childhood was spent in an old cherry orchard opposite our grandparents house in the village.

We climbed the ladders—conveniently being left leaning against the tall trees—and gorged on the sweet, ripe, delicious fruit. To our minds, there is still something magical about cherries. 

It was also always our dream to open a unique restaurant in the center of London. We have always been thought to dream big and now it has become true. We wanted to bring something new, that doesn’t exist yet. We, our team of designers, chefs and family decided that this restaurant is what we were looking for. Our biggest inspiration were cherries. 

The fascinating way they taste and look, on top of all the other benefits. It was a must do.

Coffee Shop 02
Coffee Shop Gallery 01
Coffee Shop Gallery 05
Coffee Shop Gallery 06

Cherries the biggest inspiration

Cherries were the biggest inspiration to us for the interior as well.  It’s modern with clean Lines, simple colour palette and materials Like glass, steel and wood.

The furniture is designed to match the theme. There is a live cherry tree, lamps in its shape which all makes you feel like in a cherry orchard where many of us spent the childhood.

The restaurant has an area of 80o sqft plus big kitchen

 When you enter the restaurant through a big wooden door you spot a stylish cocktail bar with desserts. There are three seat boxes for bigger groups under the tree. Behind the glass there is an even bigger space to enjoy food, drinks or to organize an event or a celebration.

5 primary colours were chosen for this restaurant. White, like the cherry flowers, dark red, blue, baby pink and blue with black decorations. This colour palette creates a cosy space to enjoy food with family and friends.

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